A Criminological and Criminal Law Analysis of Prostitution in Croatia

A Criminological and Criminal Law Analysis of Prostitution in Croatia

This research project is focused on prostitution in Croatia. It thoroughly examines the phenomenology and etiology of the crime, as well as policies controlling and regulating prostitution

The purpose of the project is to assess whether available statistical figures of the state authorities realistically depict the current situation in the area of prostitution in the Republic of Croatia. Empirical data will be collected in order to verify and clarify the etiology and phenomenology of prostitution, which will provide a basis for a critical analysis of the existing legal framework of penal provisions. In addition, it will be determined, from a criminological perspective, whether there are any particularities and specific regularities regarding prostitution in Croatia, given its specific exogenous factors – war and transition – in comparison to a selected number of most other states in the European Union.

As a first step data collected from the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the State Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia will be analyzed with the aim to obtain a clearer picture of the different types of prostitution delivered in the country and their prevalence in the society. Interviews with employees of prosecution control authorities will be conducted which, besides other aspects, will include variables that refer to the interviewees’ perception of prevalence and types of prostitution. In addition possible links between prostitution and corruption shall be inquired what will also help to gain a clearer image of the prevalence and specific characteristics of corruption. Moreover, by using an appropriate sample of persons that engage in prostitution, a survey with the aim of acquiring a more comprehensive knowledge of causes, types and manifestations of

The project also addresses the various factors which may have an impact on the phenomenon and its regulation through criminal law. Inter alia, the following questions will be considered: Does the available official data on the prevalence of prostitution correspond to the real situation? Are there certain regularities in the incidence of prostitution in Croatia? Does prostitution, as part of the illegal market, follow the rules of supply and demand? What factors affect the incidence and causality of a certain type of prostitution? The empirical findings of the project will be compared with the research results from other European countries in order to assess the relative prevalence and manifestations of prostitution in Croatia, and the possible specific factors that contribute to persons’ decision to engage in prostitution in the country. Also, principles, rules and particularities of illicit activity, and the adequacy of instant response of the society via criminal and misdemeanour law sanctions will be studied.

Currently the gathered information is being analysed, statistical data are under analysis. The collection of additional data through interviews, official records and judgments is ongoing. Several study trips in Croatia and across the region are planned.

MPPG contact for A Criminological and Criminal Law Analysis of Prostitution in Croatia : Pero Mihaljević