The Balkan Criminology Network – BCNet

Any meaningful research undertaking, aiming to cover a region as large and complex as the Balkans, has to be able to rely on a solid network of relevant professionals and institutions, both from the region as well as from outside it. Considering the leading role and relative stability of universities, esp. their law faculties, throughout the region, and the strong European tradition of institutionalising criminology at, or closely connected to, criminal law sciences at law faculties, it made sense to focus on exactly these institutions in the initial creation of the Balkan Criminology Network (BCNet) back in 2013. However, since the majority of Balkan states during communism also closely merged criminology with ciminalistics and criminal justice, commonly at faculties for criminalistic sciences or police academies, the BCNet also includes such institutions, esp. in light of the marginal position and extinction tendency of criminology at law faculties. The list of partner institutions is provided here…

As of 2019 the BCNet has been reshaped and expended significantly in line with Balkan Criminology’s new mission of creating a research platform on criminal state capture, organised crime and corruption in the Balkans. In this sense the BCNet besides institutional partners now also includes a network of BCNet Members, as well as BCNet Associates.

Whereas BCNet Members are heavily involved in many of the Balkan Criminology past and present activities and jointly discuss strategic issues as well as prospective future lines of research, the BCNet group of Associates is principally open to everyone involved in criminology and crime research in or on the Balkans and provides specific input and expertise in single projects or activities. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting involved in our projects and activities.