2nd Issue of the SEE Risk Bulletin

The 2nd Issue of the SEE Risk Bulletin looked at:

  • A recent case that came to light concerning an Albanian-speaking cocaine-trafficking network operating out of Ecuador.
  • They feature a story about the smuggling of weapons from South Eastern Europe: There are concerns that weapons could get into the hands of extremists and terrorists.
  • They look at Organized Crime through a gender lens in the Western Balkans to better understand the informal rules that shape different roles for men and women.
  • A recent spate of cybercrime cases highlights vulnerabilities in North Macedonia. Although cybercrime is increasing throughout the Western Balkans, North Macedonia seems to be disproportionately affected.

Every month, they feature a profile of a person or organization working to strengthen resilience to organized crime and corruption. In this issue, they talk to Dr Anna-Maria Getoš Kalac founder and co-chair of Balkan Criminology, and associate professor at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Law.

The Bulletin can be found here.