Panel on “Balkan Criminology” at the ESC Conference

Sep, 06, 2013

Panel Abstract: The panel will, after an introduction to the research concept „Criminologia Balcanica ~ Balkan Criminology“ discuss the current criminological research setting in the Balkans. The focus will be on a regional approach and the construction of a relevant network of experts and professionals who are in a criminological sense either Balkan-positioned or Balkan-oriented.

Key Words: Balkan, Southeast Europe, Criminology, Networking, Organized Crime

Panel Organization: Dr. Anna-Maria Getos (

Composition of Panel – Participating Authors (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Anna-Maria Getos, Assistant professor at the Faculty of Law – University of Zagreb/Croatia and Head of the Max Planck Partner Group (Presentation title: Criminology and Crime in Croatia)
  • Andra Roxana Ilie, Assistant at the Faculty of Law – Bucharest University/Romania, (Presentation title: Criminology and Crime in Romania)
  • Prof. Dr. Svetla Margaritova-Vuchkova, Professor of Criminology at the Faculty of Legal Studies – University of Maribor/Bulgaria (Presentation title: Criminology and Crime in Bulgaria)
  • Jelena Popovic, Assistant at the Faculty of Law – University of Donja Gorica/Montenegro (Presentation title: Criminology and Crime in Montenegro)
  • Dr. Sárik Eszter, Researcher at the National Institute of Criminology, Budapest/Hungary (Presentation title: Criminology and Crime in Hungary)
  • Filip Vojta, Doctoral Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg i.Br./Germany (Presentation title: Punishment and Sentence Enforcement for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law Committed in the Former Yugoslavia)
  • Dr. John Winterdyk, Professor at the Department of Justice Studies – Mount Royal University/Canada (Presentation title: Comparative Lessons: Developing the Balkan Criminology Network)