Contact Information


Željka Bogović

MPPG Student Volunteer


General research interests:

RF I: Violence; Organised Crime; Illegal Markets; Criminal Liability of Legal Entities,RF II: Feelings and Perceptions of (In)Security and Crime

MPPG activities:

  • Organisation of the BC events
  • Participation at the BC Events
  • Assisting in conducting projects

About the Member:

Željka Bogović in her 10th, final, semester at University of Zagreb – Faculty of Law. She has been a part of the MPGG since June 2015 as a student volunteer. Her research interests are Restorative Justice, Causes of Violence and Forensic Psychology as the intersection between psychology and the justice system. She plans to finish her graduate thesis, mentored by Dr. Getoš Kalac, on the topic of Correlation between external appearance and position within the criminal justice system – the perception of prisoners, an experimental study conducted by the MPPG.