Contact Information


Nika Jurković

MPPG Student Volunteer


General research interests:

RF I: Hate crimes; Hate speech; Transnational Crimes and Illegal Markets; Qualitative Criminology; RF II: Victimisation; RF III: International Sentencing; International Criminal Tribunals; Penology

MPPG activities:

  • Organisation of the BC events
  • Participation at the BC Events
  • Assisting in conducting projects

About the Member:

Nika Jurković became a part of the MPPG in May 2015 as a student volunteer. Shortly after, she graduated from the University of Zagreb – Faculty of Law. During her studies, she has spent a semester at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands where she participated in the international conference “War Reparations and Litigation – the case of Bosnia”. She has also spent three months as an intern in the Office of the Prosecutor at the ICTY in The Hague. For both of those activities she was awarded a scholarship by the University of Zagreb. In 2013, she won 3rd place in the Moot Court Croatia competition. She co-authored the scientific report “Medical Malpractice and Informed Consent related to Croatian Urology Practice with reference to Alternative Dispute Resolution” that was awarded with the Dean’s award in 2014 and a part of which will be published in the Chrestomathy of Medical Law in 2015.