Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 17, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Contact Information

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Prof. Dr. Mladen Knežević

MPPG External Expert Member

Zagreb Faculty of Law

Research interests

Prison Sentences, Restorative Justice, Relationships in the Social Structure of the Prison Institution, Treatment Models for Prisoners

Research project title: Correlation between external appearance and position within the criminal justice system – the perception of prisoners

Research project description

The project examines the extent to which the perception of certain positions in the criminal justice system is associated with the personal appearance of the function holder. More specifically, the extent to which the stereotype of ugly – beautiful is connected with the position that someone takes up in the criminal justice system. The basis of the research is an experimental study in which the inmates are shown images of faces and ask them to evaluate them on a scale beautifully-ugly.


  • Croatian Federation of Social Workers
  • International Society of Political Psychology
  • Penal Reform International
  • International Association for the Study of Forced Migration


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Past project(s)

  • Sensitization to the problems of victims – restorative justice in action
  • Attitude change towards guests with disabilities : reflections from tourism students
  • Social work as a profession : as perceived by Slovenian and Croatian social work
  • Mother’s perception of child’s emotions in the context of intrafamily problems caused by some war events
  • Public perceptions of social work in the Republic of Croatia
  • Work values of students and their success in studying at the Study centre for social work in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Work values of pupils in primary and secondary schools in Mostar
  • Creativity – a potential danger of psychotraumatised children – research in the city of Mostar
  • The experience of alienation in displaced persons and refugees: self-perception and perception of social work students
  • Options for prisoner’s vertical social promotion
  • Prisoners work and related accidents at work in the prison of Lipovica Popovača.
  • Changes in sociometric status of young inmates from the rehabilitation centre for young delinkvents during the summer working camps
  • Juvenile delinquents in summer working camps: camp as an element of socialization of juvenile delinquents: the results of research in the Federal Republic of Croatia

Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1994 - 2015
    Professor at the University of Zagreb
    Faculty of Law
  2. 1977 - 1994
    Social worker and group therapist
    Prison Lipovica – Popovača
  3. 1973 - 1977
    Social worker at the Facility for Young Offenders
    Glina, Croatia