New GI-TOC report: Spot Prices

While the fact that the Western Balkans is a crossroad for trafficking many illicit commodities, and that it is a geographical hub for the smuggling of migrants who are trying to enter Western Europe is well known, information on the size of the markets and the potential profits is less evident. And while the Western Balkans has a bad reputation for laundering illicit proceeds, there is not much information on cities and sectors where it is a problem.

This report, written by Walter Kemp, Kristina Amerhauser and Ruggero Scaturro sheds light on the dark numbers of mixed migrant flows through the Western Balkans, the prices that they pay to be smuggled, as well as the cost of drugs in the region. The report contains a wealth of information which was gathered (despite the COVID-19 pandemic) through field research and interviews carried out with current and former law enforcement officials, investigative journalists, researchers, local officials, as well as migrants, drug users, and representatives of civil society in the hotspots.

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