Balkan Criminology Book “Mapping the Penological Landscape of the Balkans” forthcoming 2024 with Springer

One of the first regional surveys launched by Balkan Criminology dates back to 2015 and undertakes a detailed mapping of the penological landscape of the Balkans. Meanwhile 3 out of the 4 major Balkan Criminology “mappings” have been successfully concluded and published: in 2014 the Criminological Mapping , in 2020 the Victimological Mapping and in 2021 the Violence Mapping.

With the book “Mapping the Penological Landscape of the Balkans – A Regional Study on Sentencing and Imprisonment with a Critical Analysis of Current Penal Policies”, edited by Anna-Maria Getoš Kalac, Michael Kilchling, Gorazd Meško, Marcelo F. Aebi & Almir Maljević and forthcoming in 2024 with Springer, the Balkan Criminology Quadrilogy is now being completed.

Most of the initial 2015 conference participants, here at the entrance of a prison facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina visited in the framework of the conference, have been participating in this penological survey throughout almost a decade now, proving that commitment, persistence and team spirit are in addition to expertise the basic features of Balkan Criminology and a guarantee for success.