I had the opportunity to participate in the “XXXVI Postgraduate Course of Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice” which took place from 15-28th May 2022. The course covered the areas of the Theory and History of Victimology; UN Declarations and Victim Activities; Restorative Justice; Human Trafficking Victims; Victims in Various Criminal Justice Systems; Victimization of Women; Victim Compensation and Restitution; Crisis and Crisis Intervention; Refugees as victims; and much more.

As part of the course, colleagues Asea Gašparić and I held a presentation entitled “Perpetrators as victims: Impact on recidivism rates and judicial sentencing” in which we looked at the problem of victimization of perpetrators and showed how this issue affects the criminal justice system in Croatia.

Also, we had the opportunity to listen to lectures by professors and experts from all over the world. Special attention was drawn to topics from the Balkans, which were covered by professors from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, Anna Maria Getoš Kalac and Reana Bezić. In addition to excellent lecturers, the relaxed, friendly and open atmosphere in which opinions were easily shared should be emphasized. The fact that the course was held in Dubrovnik, a beautiful city with a long history, gave it a special charm. But of all things, for me the most valuable are the friendships I have made with people from all over the world. This course was definitely one special experience that I will happily remember!

Lea Feuerbach