National Institute of Criminology

About the BCNet partner institution

The research institute of Criminology in Hungary was established in 1960. The changes in the name of the Institute in the course of history indicate changing times and changing perspectives for research. The institute was under the supervision of the chief prosecutor when it was founded and today it works as an academic, research and training organ of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office.

About the BCNet Member

Eszter Sárik has worked at the Hungarian National Institute of Criminology since 1999, specialised in juvenile delinquency and crime prevention. She has conducted researches in the topic of trajectories in child and juvenile crime, taken part in ISRD2 and executed an examination in homicide cases. Ms. Sárik was appointed as a prosecutor in 2012. Currently, she is preparing the PhD thesis titled “Religion and Crime Prevention” with a special focus of value-structure among youngsters.