Burgas Free University – Faculty of Legal Studies / Bulgarian Association of Criminology (BAC)

About the BCNet partner institution

Although Bulgarian Association of Criminology does not conduct criminological research, it has an important role, particularly in the area of criminal justice policy and crime prevention. It satisfies the necessity of regular contacts and joint efforts of the specialists and the teams working in the scientific and the practice-oriented fields of crime prevention and control. A permanent seminar has been created at the Association. The major seminar events during the year are the scientific forums. These include conferences, debates on crime prevention and crime control as well as the discussion of the draft bills. More information can be found on http://www.criminology.bg

About the BCNet Member

Svetla Margaritova has over 40 scientific publications in the field of crime prevention, juvenile delinquency, female crime, domestic violence, identity of young offenders, etc. She has participated in the implementation of a number of regional and national criminological research and development programmes for crime prevention. She is the President of the Bulgarian Association of Criminology as well as the Chairman of the Foundation “Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights”.