2024 Course presentations

Course directors and Course participants 2024



Andra-Roxana TrandafirVictim Protection in RomaniaFull presentation download
Kathryn M. Campbell“No-Crime” Wrongful Convictions:
The Impact of Gender
Full presentation download
Otmar Hagemann„Last Generation“ – Terrorists or Victims?
Implications for Restorative Justice
Full presentation download
Gyöngyi KuglerLittle Children’s Narratives of Sexual AbuseFull presentation download
Hans-Joerg AlbrechtVictimization and Access to Justice in
Culturally Diverse Societies
Full presentation download
Anna-Maria Getoš KalacRescaling imprisonment in the Balkans – the ‘holy grail’ of resocialization? Full presentation download
Alexandra (Sasha) LysovaThe Bidirectional Spectrum: Examining New Research on Intimate Partner Violence and Its Implications for VictimsFull presentation download
Beulah Shekhar
Sajith Mohammed Salem
New Laws in India –A ray of Hope for Victims of CrimeFull presentation download
Dick Daniel T. AndzengeOrigins of Victimology – A Brief History and DevelopmentFull presentation download
Wolfgang FormHomosexuals as Victims in Nazi Germany and the
Full presentation download