XXXVII. International Post Graduate Course on Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice

Inter-University Center Dubrovnik Frana Bulića 4, Dubrovnik, Croatia (May 15 – May 27, 2023)


Chadley James, South Africa/USA; Dick Andzenge, Nigeria/ USA; Dawn Beichner-Thomas, USA/Germany;Anna-Maria Getoš Kalac, Croatia

Faculty and Resource Persons

Hans-Jörg Albercht, Germany; Seth Adema, Canada; Reana Bezić, Croatia; Kathryn Campbell, Canada; Miltonette Craig, USA; Christopher Cunin, Canada; Davor Derencinovic, Croatia; Aaron Eyjolfson, Canada; Janne Fengler, Germany; Alyssa Ferns, Canada; Wolfgang Form, Germany; Sylvie Frigon, Canada; Jehanne; Hulsman, Netherlands; Janice Joseph, USA; Sabrina Krause, Germany; Gyöngyi Kugler, Hungary; Linn-Sophie Lober, Germany; Hollianne Marshall, USA; Diana McGlinchey, Canada; Bhanu Prakash Nunna, India; Benjamin Roebuck, Canada; Peter Schaefer, Germany; H.J. Seitz, Germany; Allen Selvakumar, India; Beulah Shekar, India; Alain-Guy Tachou Sipowo, Canada; Petra Šprem, Croatia; Jolene Sundlie, USA; Dunia Scharie Tavcer, Canada; Sylivie Teague, Canada; Shr-Jie Sharlenna Wang, Denmark

2023 Lecturer’s presentations

European Court of Human Rights and the Right to Individual Petition – Victimological Perspectives

Davor Derencinovic

History and Theory of Victimology

Dick Andzenge

CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT IN TIMES OF RISING PENAL POPULISM: How Criminology & Victimology Contribute to the Human Rights Perspective

Anna-Maria Getoš  Kalac

Children’s Rights in Victimology: Legal Contributions to Professionalization

Peter Schaefer

Children’s Rights in Victimology: Pedagogical- Psychological Contributions to Professionalization

Janne Fengler

Media Depictions of Black Women’s Elevated Risk for Intimate Partner Violence

Miltonette Craig

Health Care of Incarcerated Persons

H.J. Seitz

Environment and Victimization: New(er) Questions and Directions

Seth Adema

The Impact of COVID-19 Border Closures on Global Drug Trafficking

Hollianne Marshall

Possibilities and Perspectives of International Criminal Law Today

Wolfgang Form

Victimization – The Families’ Life Sentence

Sylvie Teague

Femicide: Critical Perspectives

Hans-Jörg Albercht

Victims of Transfemicide

Janice Joseph

Problematizing Dalit Victimization and Access to Justice: A Theoretical Proposition for Structural Victimology

Bhanu Prakash Nunna

Victimization of Human Rights Defenders: A Need for a Robust Legislative Framework

Y.S.R. Murthy

Torture and Rehabilitation

Shr-Jie Sharlenna Wang

Secondary PTSD in Corrections and Social Work

Aaron Eyjolfson & Christopher Cunin

Beyond Victimization or How Women use Dance in Prison as a Form of Resilience

Sylvie Frigon

Women in Armed Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations

Linn-Sophie Lober

A Global View of Women, Prison, and Aftercare: A Call for Reform

Dawn Beichner-Thomas

Disinformation, Conspiracy Narratives, Misanthropy –  How Conspiracy Ideologues Endanger Democracy

Sabrina Krause

Victimization of Commercial Sex Workers – A Study in Five States of India

Beulah Shekar

Protection of Children in the Tribal Communities

Allen Selvakumar

Non-profit Community Outreach Initiatives

Jolene Sundlie

The ICC Arrest Warrant Against President Vladimir Putin and the Interests of Victims

Allain-Guy Tachou Sipowo

Sexual violence in Canada: Statistics, Policies, Sexual Consent Education at Canadian Universities

Dunia Scharie Tavcer
Vicarious Resilience and Vicarious Posttraumatic Change (PTC) in Victim Service Providers: A National Study Alyssa Ferns, Benjamin Roebuck & Diana McGlinchey 

Croatian Violence Monitor Project

Reana Bezic

Linquistic and psychological tools of recalling sexual abuse trauma, the aspects of interviewing children of 3-7 years

Gyöngyi Kugler

Domestic Violence in Croatia: Practical Challenges and Possible Solutions

Petra Šprem 
Representation Versus Perceived Reality of the Criminal Justice System  Jehanne Hulsman